Unit Charter Renewal Plan for 2020


Beginning with the 2020 Unit Charter Renewal (charters that are due on December 31, 2019) the National BSA annual YOUTH membership fee will be increased from $33 to $60 and the National BSA annual ADULT LEADER membership fee will be increased from $33 to $36. The Annual Charter Partner fee for 2020 has been increased from $40 to $60.

The leadership of Northern Star Scouting recognizes several concerns of our units:

  • The Scouting units in Northern Star completed their annual budgeting process in August of 2019 for the upcoming Scouting year and have already communicated their local fees with their families.
  • Many of our units have already collected the $33 Charter Renewal fee from their families in September.
  • Families who joined our Cub Scouting program in September paid $44 with the understanding that their Cub Scout would be a registered member through December 31, 2020.

Our plan moving forward is as follows:

  • 2020 Unit Charter Renewal fees: FOR ALL UNITS THAT TURN IN THEIR UNIT CHARTER RENEWAL PAPERWORK BEFORE DECEMBER 31, 2019, the fee to be paid to Northern Star Council will be $33 per youth and adult volunteer leader. The Northern Star Council has made the decision to pay the $27 difference per youth membership fee and will also pay the $3 difference per adult volunteer leader fee for the year of 2020, for all youth and adults registered by December 31, 2019.
    • Any new youth or adult registered to the unit by December 31, 2019 will pay the previous registration fee of $33.
    • Any new youth or adult registering or added to the unit starting on January 1, 2020 will need to pay the new national BSA pro-rated registration fee.
  • We have decided to have units begin their Unit Charter Renewal in November per the previously announced delay.
  • The “on-line” Charter Renewal system will not be available. All units will be provided with a printed version of their Unit Charter Renewal paperwork.
    • Units will cross-off any members who will not be returning and provide completed applications of all new members.
  • Units will have to have their edited/updated Unit Charter Renewal paperwork signed by the unit leader and the Chartering Organization and turned in by December 31, 2019.
  • All unit leaders must also provide a signed copy of the NEW Criminal Background Check Disclosure form with the Unit Charter Renewal paperwork.

Recharter Drop-off Dates and Locations

  • Wednesday, December 4th 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm at Shamrock’s  995 W 7th St, St Paul
  • Sunday, December 15th 4 pm – 6 pm at Pat Coonan’s home, 1965 Palace Ave, St Paul
  • At Base Camp anytime that it’s open

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