About Advancement

Advancement is the process by which all youth members progress from rank to rank. Everything done to advance - to earn ranks and other recognition - is designed to educate or to otherwise expand horizons.  Members learn and develop according to a standard.


Advancement is done through experiential learning.

Experiential learning is key: exciting and meaningful activities are offered and education happens. Learning comes from doing. It is important to note, as with any educational opportunity, a rank or award is not the end of the learning process. In Scouting, after a requirement has been passed, the Scout is placed in practical situations that build retention through repeated use of skills.


Personal Growth is the Primary Goal

Scouting skills - what a young person learns to do - are important, but not as important as the primary goal of personal growth achieved through participation in a unit program. The concern is for total, well rounded development. Age-appropriate surmountable hurdles are placed before members.  As they face these challenges they learn about themselves and gain confidence.



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